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Python - Enumerate Stop Using Counter Variables

Posted at 2:56 PM on 06-26-2019

Often times when iterating over a list or other iterable in a for loop you will need to keep track of what element you are on. If you have never been exposed to the builtin function you may solve that problem by creating a counter variable and incrementing that counter at the end of your loop. Below...

Python - Basic Web Server

Posted at 3:01 PM on 10-27-2018

If you need to fire up a web server to serve some files but installing apache or nginx is overkill using a simple script to serve your files is arguably one of the best ways to do it. In this post I have a simple python script that will serve a directory of files on your system via HTTP. I typica...

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JavaScript - Make Element Hidden

Posted at 11:56 PM on 10-19-2018

When creating web pages it is often helpful in your design to add an element of the page hidden and reveal it when a button is clicked or some other event happens. In this post I am going to be showing you in a very simple example how to take an HTML element and toggle it between hidden and not h...

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Python - Working With Class Attributes

Posted at 10:12 PM on 10-09-2018

In this post I will be showing you how to add, remove, and check for class attributes in Python. Base Code For this article I will be using the class below as our class we are going to be adding and removing attributes from. Taking a quick look through this code we can see that it has 2 string att...

Python - Extend Parent Classes Methods - Polymorphism

Posted at 5:55 PM on 09-27-2018

There are often times when inheriting from a parent class you need to extend a method without overwriting it so you can execute the code that is contained in the parent module without having to rewrite it. In this post I will show you how to do that with pythons " super " method. Lets take a loo...

Linux - Add User to Group

Posted at 6:39 PM on 09-26-2018

The groups that a user belongs to in an operating system are a very flexible way of managing users on a system weather that be restricting permissions or extending functionality because of the fundemental importance of groups and group permissions in the Linux operating system after a short time ...

Liebert Web Cards - Configuration File Line Endings

Posted at 10:16 PM on 09-24-2018

I wanted to write this article to hopefully save someone else the trouble and hassle myself and my team has gone through working with Liebert UPS webcard configuration files. If you are working with Liebert UPS web cards and want to modify the configuration file and re upload them to help automa...

Python Tkinter – Create Tabs with Notebook Widget

Posted at 3:23 PM on 09-23-2018

In the Video I go through writing the code below which will add a notebook widget inside of your main window which will allow you to make tabs in your interface. The majority of the code is configuring the window itself, there is only about 6 lines that actually make the tabs which when I learne...