Network Automation with Python – Interacting with Network Devices

The first obvious thing you need to do after getting your Python environment setup is learn how to talk with a network device. In this article I will demonstrate working with Cisco devices as it is what I have the most experience with.   Cisco Automation Framework I use a Python package called the Cisco … Read more

Network Automation with Python – The Language

Getting started with Network Automation is arguably the most difficult part of the process, what tools should I use, what processes should I automate, what resources can I tap into. These are all very good questions and in this article I aim to make them a little easier for you to solve.   The Language … Read more

Network Automation with Python – Introduction

If you take a look through my site you will quickly notice that most of my posts consist of how to articles for Python, Cisco networking devices, or Linux administration. It is no secret that I use those technologies every day in my job as a Network Administrator. With that said I am going to … Read more

Python F Strings

Python F Strings

As of Python 3.6 per PEP 498 a new way of string formatting was introduced called F strings. While Python already had multiple multiple ways of string formatting, f strings aimed to provide a way to add embedded expressions directly within a string while using minimal formatting to give the best readability. In this post … Read more

Python Understanding __name__ == ‘__main__’

python name main

  If you have been looking at any amount of Python code online and you have almost surly seen the following code at the end of a file.

When first seeing that if statement it can be confusing as to why it is in there and what benefit it gives and what it does … Read more

Python – Run Code in Thread

When writing a script or program it is often required to do more than one thing at the same time for efficiency or to not cause the program to lock up while completing a long task. In python you have 2 main ways to accomplish this, the multiprocessing library and the threading library the threading … Read more