Cisco IOS – Schedule Reboot / Cancel Reboot

When making potentially intrusive changes or doing fail over testing and you do not have physical access to the device, it is a good practice to save the working config, schedule a reboot and make the changes you don’t want to make and in the event it does not preform as expected when your timer runs out it will reboot and your working config you previously saved will take effect.

The first thing you will want to do is save your configuration in its working state.



Now we know this will be the state our device will reboot into we can schedule our reboot command, you will want to give yourself enough time to do all the changes you need to make and test but not too long to where you have to sit around for 40 minutes waiting for the device to reboot. Below is an example of scheduling a reboot in 15 minutes from now.

The ‘reload in’ command will tell the device to reboot  in X amount of time from when you issue the command. In the example above it is set to 15 minutes


You can also use the following command to reboot the device at a specific time.

Note that the ‘reload at’ command uses military time so the above command schedules a reboot the next time the clock reaches 11 PM.


After scheduling a reboot you can check the status by issuing the following command.


At this point we have some time to make and test our changes, if the changes cut our arm off we can just wait the remaining time until the device reboots and we are allowed back in.

If everything goes well we can then cancel the reboot by issuing the following command.

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