Cisco IOS – View CPU and Memory Usage

Recently I was tracking down some performance issues on some of my switches and found myself checking the CPU and memory utilization quite often so I figured I would make this post, I show how to view all the CPU and memory information and also how to condense that for those instances you do not need all the extra detail.

Below are instructions to view detailed or general information on CPU and memory usage on a Cisco device running IOS



This will give you a long output and a lot of detailed information if you need it, but a way to get a synopsis of the information is to use a pipe and include a keyword that corresponds with the lines you wish to get.



Issuing a show processes cpu, you will see the top line has the word “Pool” and only that line, that is also the line that gives the percentage of utilization which is what I want to get below is an example.


The concept is the same for the ‘show processes memory’ command. Again the lines at the top that contain “Pool” also contain the synopsis information that I want to view for memory utilization, below is an example of that command.

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