Python Tkinter Password Entry Box

In this post I am showing how to create an authentication box in Tkinter that has some basic functionality you would expect out of an authentication box. I just wanted this to be a simplistic design that was able to gather a users password and call another function, passing the username and password variable to that other function. I wanted it to have 3 features, a user name box,  a password box that only displayed asterisks, and a login button that allowed us to move onto the next part of our program. Below is a video walk through of writing this code and the code itself.


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  1. Hello,
    How can I create a python tkinter login screen that if the username and password is correct the application will go to a new window. I tried to use hide and show frame but I do not know how to make python go to the next frame if the username and password is correct.

    Please help me, I ma new in tkinter.

    Thank you

    • What are you authenticating against, are you trying to test a username and password against a user account on the system, LDAP, or a database local to the application itself?


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