I wanted to write this article to hopefully save someone else the trouble and hassle myself and my team has gone through working with Liebert UPS webcard configuration files.

If you are working with Liebert UPS web cards and want to modify the configuration file and re upload them to help automate the setup of the web cards and you work on a Windows computer you might run into this.


If you start deleting and adding configuration to the file and try and re upload it and run into a bunch of vague errors that lead you down the path to nowhere, your problem might just be the line endings! From what I gather the developers did not escape the line endings when the web card processes the uploaded configuration file and it will fail if you dont use linux line endings \n. If you open the file in notepad on Windows and start adding and removing lines this will almost always be your issue.

The Fix

Use Linux! Ok yes I know that was a plug that I couldnt help but throw in there, but in reality all you need to do is configure notepad to save files in Linux style file endings or use Notepad++ to save the file making sure Notepad++ is configured to save files with Linux style line endings. Using Notepad++ is my prefered way of doing it because then I can be sure when using plain old notepad it is save to edit files that need Windows line endings and I can use Notepad++ for files that need Linux style line endings.